Manston Airport Change of Use Planning Appeal Public Inquiry – Day 2

Unfortunately, again only witnesses and the representatives from RiverOak Strategic Partners have decided to use the microphones provided, so that for large portions of these videos, the comments are almost inaudible.

Today saw the following:

  • Angela Schembri, Planning Director at RPS Group, called by RiverOak Strategic Partners, including cross-examination by Stone Hill Park representative, Mr King.
  • Mr Allston called by Stone Hill Park in regard to planning.

Some snippets and opinion as per our Twitter and Facebook feeds during the day:

  • Both parties, RSP and SHP, have submitted new documents to the Public Inquiry today.
  • RSP have submitted Dover District Council’s objection to the Local Plan.
  • SHP have submitted documents refuting evidence regarding the empty business premises listed in the appendices of Angela Schembri’s evidence.
  • The Inspector was not particularly impressed at the late submissions as he is ‘drowning in paperwork’ but he will accept.
  • Mr King for SHP making hard work of cross examination. Inspector finding it difficult to navigate SHP documentation.
  • Mr King re-starting his cross examination after a short break. Ms Schembri is answering well & standing her ground.
  • Mr King (SHP) disputing the number, and size, of available, local, empty business premises/ land space.
  • The Inspector is clarifying with Ms Schembri whether the case for RSP is protection of airport site as an employment site.
  • Ms Schembri says full weight should be given to EC4 which protects the airport for aviation employment use only.
  • Ms Schembri being asked about TDC’s current position. She says it reversed after Avia report which she adds has no weight.
  • Summary of Ms Schembri’s evidence. Prospect of MSE reopening reasonable. Full weight shld b given 2 EC4 & no weight 2 Avia.
  • The Inquiry resumes at 10.00am tomorrow. RGale & RGoodban speaking, then cross exam of Mr Allston followed by site visit. The Inspector suggests that the site visit to the airport and Manston business park takes place tomorrow afternoon. This probably means that the Inquiry may run into a fourth day on Friday.




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