Manston Airport Key Benefits


  • Manston’s runway is 2,752m, long enough and wide enough to accommodate any commercial aircraft type. There is a full parallel taxiway, with all air and ground paths uncongested.
  • There are no slot or gate restrictions, and on-stand passenger aircraft parking available for 3 x 737-800 (Code C) aircraft or 2 x 747-400 (Code F) aircraft. Further remote stands and aprons are also available. Fees and charges were highly competitive.
  • Manston was regularly used for flight testing and crew training (e.g. British Airway’s A380 and the 787 Dreamliner) as well as ‘touch and go’  landing sequences. Training rates are highly competitive and space for crew rest and flight planning are available at Manston’s world class training facilities.
  • Manston has seen regular use for aid shipments to other countries in times of disaster.
  • One of the few airports in the UK to hold a license for the dismantling and recycling of aircraft. The area surrounding the airport is home to a developing cluster of aviation-related businesses. There are significant areas of land around the airport identified for development within Manston Airport’s masterplan – which can offer direct air-side access if required.


  • Manston Airport was one of the UK’s fastest growing freight airports at time of closure, situated just 70 miles from the centre of London and less than 2 hours from London Heathrow.
  • The airport was equipped with the full range of freight handling equipment (invested in heavily to be at the forefront of UK freight business) and could handle anything from livestock to racing cars.
  • Due to the lack of congestion and the operational efficiency, Manston Airport could offer 90 minute freight turnarounds as standard, ideal for perishable or time-critical cargo.
  • Tail to truck operations cut hours from delivery schedules and cargo was often on the road before it’s even started to be unloaded at other airports.
  • Manston Airport boasts excellent, uncongested motorway links to London, being less than 45 minutes from the M25. Manston is located on the A299 dual-carriageway, connecting straight to the M2, bringing cargo to the M25 and beyond.
  • The airport offers the fastest road connection to the Port of Dover (less than 35 minutes), providing an excellent platform for European-bound shipments.
  • Manston’s cargo security proceedures were in compliance with regulations from the UK Department of Transport, capabilities include x-ray, hand search and explosive tracing.
  • A large temperature controlled warehouse is available for both inbound and outbound freight, located directly adjacent to the main freight apron for quick transfer to or from aircraft.
  • The airport boasted an Animal Reception Centre, approved by UK and EU regulatory bodies. Also located adjacent to the main freight apron, Manston was set to become the leading UK facility for the safe transfer of horses and other livestock.


  • Manston is just 13 miles from The City of Canterbury and offers airlines unparalleled levels of service and highly competitive financial packages. Manston was actively looking to work in partnership with airlines to launch new services for future growth.
  • In passenger air services, Kent is an untapped marketplace, with 3.8m passengers using London airports who had Kent as their origin/destination. The airport has a catchment of 1.6m, of which 1.5m live within an hours drive. Key population areas include Canterbury, Maidstone, Medway, Ashford and Dover.
  • Landing, air traffic control, security, cleaning, ground and passenger handling could all be provided with significant cost savings to airlines.
  • Modern, recently refurbished passenger terminal building with an annual capacity of 700,000. There are 6 available check-in desks and 3 departure gates. The airport has a simple layout for incremental expansion and short walking distances.
  • A 1,000 space car park sited directly in front of the terminal entrance with low cost parking.
  • Manston Airport is truly convenience flying for residents of the South East – with no battle through traffic to reach London airports.
  • The terminal allows extremely fast boarding for passengers, many passengers arrived only 30 minutes before boarding begins, and still having time for a coffee.
  • Ramsgate’s train station (5 minutes from the airport) offers a connection to HS1, with journey times to central London at just 80 minutes.
  • Manston Airport can offer executive handling for visiting VIPs and aircraft, with services provided by an in-house team. A newly refurbished VIP lounge is available for crew or passengers and staff will be pleased to arrange passenger and crew accommodation in nearby hotels.

There are further opportunities at the airport for retail leasing, airport advertising, and property and office space for rent.