Emailing Kent County Council

We’re concerned about the severe lack of any real action or public statement by Kent County Council regarding Manston Airport. We would like to ask you all to send them an email to gather some public statement of support for the airport and the compulsory purchase process. Please find below a template for you to use and edit as you wish, and the list of email addresses for all KCC Councillors.

Template Email

Dear Councillor,

I am concerned about the recent closure of Manston Airport in Kent and the impact this will have on my local area and Kent in general. Manston Airport could be a excellent strategic and economic asset for the county and country. It could also provide a centre for regeneration within East Kent, an area which lacks meaningful employment and prosperity.

For housing to be built on the site to meet government targets would be a travesty. This will not ease unemployment or the current strain on resources in the area. It will remove one of the most valuable assets in East Kent. I fear that a mixed-use development would also not offer any meaningful employment, and would once again stretch services further than they already are.

I believe Manston Airport could be a successful and profitable operation if ran with vision and determination – something that previous owners seem to have lacked. I feel investors who have come forward to bid on the airport (bids which were rejected, despite the asking price being met) will be able to provide this commitment and drive.

I would like to ask for your view on the closure of the airport, and the possibility of a compulsory purchase order that is being explored by Thanet District Council. Would you support this action? Would KCC be forthcoming in providing meaningful support or funding for such an action?

Kind Regards,


Email Addresses for all KCC Councillors

Copy and paste the following list into your ‘CC’ line in your email client. If you can’t find the ‘CC’ line, you can use the usual ‘To’ line instead.