Government Minister visits Manston and offers support

Iris Johnston (Leader, Thanet District Council) met with Grant Shapps (Conservative Party Chairman, Cabinet Minister without Portfolio) today. Upon their arrival at Manston Airport, over 200 supporters greeted them with flags, banners, chants and great big smiles! We thank all that turned up on such short notice, a brilliant show of support. Videos of speeches from both Iris Johnston and Grant Shapps are available to view on our Facebook page.  Mr. Shapps spoke positively to us about the fact that he was from the Cabinet, and that they were fully engaged with our campaign to re-open Manston Airport. He had read the letters that supporters had sent him, is clearly fully briefed and understands what is going on here at Manston.


Also Today, RiverOak, one of the potential CPO indemnity partners came to present their plans to Thanet District Council councillors and officers. Another one of the other potential partners is expected to meet with Thanet District Council next week.