Who is leading Thanet Council..?

We have just received the following comment made by Thanet District Councillor John Worrow. We are extremely concerned at who is now running the council – elected officials or officers. This would seem to us to be dynamite and must be raised with someone who can investigate this.

“I’ve been told that the Acting Chief Executive of Thanet Council (Madeline Homer) threatened to recommend that the Council be put into “special measures” if members support a River Oak CPO “regardless of the political party is in charge. I, however continue to support a solution to the situation that the Chief Executive has apparently put ALL political parties in.”

This follows concerns in the way which Ms Madeline Homer has appointed people to the Thanet Regeneration Board, seemingly by herself and without due process. This can be seen in this email from Ms Homer.

We have grave concerns about who is actually running the Council – elected officials or the Chief Executive. Council leader Iris Johnston has denied these allegations and has assured us they will be formally investigated. We will of course follow this up in due course.