What will happen next..?

Shall we have a peek into what’s going on internally at TDC at the moment? Let’s have a look at the options still available. The Officers’ report can be swiftly rejected on several grounds, and be the saving grace for the CPO. Alternatively, the report could be accepted, but this may also harbour good news.

1) On 11 Dec the Cabinet can vote to bring the issue back to the full council with a free vote. This is what TDC Leader Iris Johnston has always promised.

2) The Cabinet could also refer it back, and a whipped vote would occur. Unfortunately the chief Labour whip at TDC wants to force all Labour councillors to vote against the CPO. However, members can abstain or defy the whip.

3) The report could be accepted by the Cabinet. This is likely to trigger a series of actions. A full emergency council can then be called to bring about a motion to reject the Cabinet’s decision. Alternatively, a vote of no confidence could be raised against the leader of the council.

Members of the Conservative party have called for a vote of no confidence. If Iris Johnston and the Labour party do not lead the CPO to victory, and bring justice to the people of Thanet and Kent, they are unlikely to ever preside over TDC again. They could be out before Christmas.

We encourage TDC to have the courage and conviction to do what is right – to preserve our community, national, economic and historic asset.