Update on the Planning Appeals for Change of Use at Manston Airport

Update on the Planning Appeals for Change of Use at Manston Airport.

In regards to the planning appeals currently in progress on the change of use for the four buildings at Manston Airport, there has been a change to the process.

It is not subject to a Public Inquiry as it has been stated elsewhere, but will now be subject to an “Informal Hearing”.

This is connected to the appeal by Stone Hill Park Ltd against the refusal by Thanet District Council Planning for change of use on Building 870, and the delays in bringing the other applications to decision.

We had the following statement from the case officer today:

“The files were reviewed by the Inspector appointed to determine the case. It was his decision to change the procedure but it will be an Informal Hearing not a public Inquiry.

I am still negotiating the date with the principal parties and once that is completed, the appeal will formally change process and the LPA will write out to notify everyone; the portal will then be updated.”

You can view the current status of the appeals at this link (the other appeals are linked to this one): https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3140990

We will continue to monitor the cases and ensure we make representations to them at the correct stage.