The BIG Protest

This Friday 30th May, 6pm at Manston Airport.

In response to the following news report, where it is confirmed BOTH Paul Carter (Leader of KCC) and Thanet District Councillors spoke to Ann Gloag and made it known that housing would be a possibility for the site.

Please make sure you all attend at the airport, arrive early for the media. Bring all your banners, signs, everything you have!

Please wear ‘Save Manston’ T-shirts and badges if possible. If not, we’d love it if you could all wear red and white clothing for the visual impact. Yellow ribbons in your hair etc. would be great too!

Please bring all your friends, family and children – we want a huge turn out to show TDC and KCC that this is NOT acceptable – and we certainly don’t want a garden city.

We are expecting a huge attendance should the weather hold off, so ask please park considerately. We are also expecting the attendance of bikers and possibly an ice-cream van!

The Facebook event page can be found here.