Supporters of Manston Airport Statement on the Viability Report

We are extremely disappointed, and somewhat surprised, by today’s published Avia Report regarding the future viability of Manston Airport.

We have spoken to RiverOak this afternoon and are glad to find them still quite buoyant in light of today’s developments.

The Avia report seems to focus heavily on passenger traffic which we all know hasn’t proved viable in the past. Their knowledge regarding the potential of cargo is disputed by RiverOak.

RiverOak have been studying the airport market for over two years, not just two months, and feel they have a clear idea of the potential in that market. They are already planning to produce a detailed rebuttal of the points made in the report.

Riveroak also say they will continue on their planned course to pursue a Development Consent Order.

This report need not mean the end for Manston Airport. It will have to go before the council, many of whom are staunchly pro-airport, although it was disappointing to hear the Leader’s comments this afternoon.

The report will sit alongside the Local Plan when it goes out for public consultation. This is when we, the public, can make our voice heard.

We know that the people of Thanet are, in the main, pro-airport and many more are anti housing.
Stone Hill Park’s planning application has received far more objections, including those of the MOD and Southern Water, than support.

We as a campaign group will continue to fight for what we believe is a scarce and extremely valuable resource which could bring real economic regeneration to Thanet.

2 thoughts on “Supporters of Manston Airport Statement on the Viability Report

  • October 5, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Keep Going River Oak South East Kent needs a viable airport, why put more traffic on m2 and m20, also m25.

  • October 8, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    To lose an airport to housing ( madness ) if we need more housing surely we could find space somewhere else, then we could have an airport for the new residents and everyone else. More jobs keeping manston plus more jobs building the new houses. Everyone’s a winner

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