Stone Hill Park respond to being paid more than £5.7million for Manston as part of Operation Stack.

Stone Hill Park have issued a statement in response to the disclosure earlier this month by The Isle of Thanet News, showing they have been paid more than £5.7 million to earmark Manston airport for use as part of Operation Stack.

Ray Mallon, spokesman for Stone Hill Park, said: “We were approached by the Department for Transport with a view to entering into a commercial agreement for our site to be used as an emergency lorry park.

“A significant amount was spent preparing the site for HGVs to park there, including works to the runway parking area, toilet facilities and security. We also have agreements with a number of companies to ensure we’re able to have the site ready to receive lorries within three hours of being notified.

“We have also ploughed money back into our development plans for the site. These plans – if granted planning consent – will deliver millions of pounds of private sector investment for Thanet that will dwarf anything we have received to date, including: three new schools; the first part of a new strategic road link to Westwood Cross; a hi-tech business park plus regionally significant sports, leisure and heritage attractions that will create jobs and boost the area’s economy.”


Freight routes that would include Manston Airport as part of Operation Stack

We thought it worthwhile posting once again the plans by Highways England that would be put in place if Operation Stack were to require Manston Airport, especially as opinions on TV reports today may have led to some confusion.

If Operation Stack has been implemented and junction 8 (Maidstone services) to junction 11 (Westenhanger) reach capacity, Highways England will use Manston airfield to park Port of Dover freight.

Freight bound for Dover would divert via the M2 and A299 to Manston. When released from Manston, they would proceed via the A256 to Dover, including the non-dual carriageway sections of the road.

Tourist traffic would continue by the M2/A2 or M20/A20 routes.

Concerns have previously been raised over the likely traffic congestion on the route once lorries were released from Manston, travelling to Dover Docks via the A256. These concerns were raised again today by Charlie Elphicke MP for Dover.

The route freight would use to get to Manston, being the M2 and A299 Thanet Way, is dual carriageway and one of the benefits we have always promoted for Manston and its use as an Airport.

Clearly the use of the M20 would be reduced, restricting that for freight and tourist traffic heading towards the Channel Tunnel at Folkestone. This would reduce the pressure on the M20 and likely avoid at least some of previous chaos. The Freight traffic from Manston would only use a short stretch of the A2 at Dover.

Clearly we would hope that a more permanent solution is sought for the problem and the funds currently being spent could soon be diverted into that option. However, given the abandonment of the dedicated lorry park in November 2017 and subsequently the contract to use Manston extended until the end of 2019, it may not be anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Stone Hill Park respond to being paid more than £5.7million for Manston as part of Operation Stack.

  • January 31, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    Why can’t any government see that Manston is the solution for airport congestion in the south of the U.K.?
    Surely with HS1 why can’t additional lines be brought into Manston, not only from the U.K., but from Northern France too.
    Regarding Operation Stack, what’s wrong with funding and refinancing the port of Ramsgate?
    That way we’re not restricted by strikes in Calais and congestion in Dover and have the options for more channel ports in France and Belgium that are currently underused by U.K. operators.
    Manston Airport is the ultimate solution for short haul to Europe and with HS1 a rapid connection to worldwide destinations.
    I know, as a new contributor this has probably been said before, but why can’t the politicians see this as a positive step to really upgrade our international position as a world transit hub, or is it that they’re more interested in personal gain?

  • February 1, 2018 at 10:38 am

    I’m so sorry…..and sad….to see a piece of history be transformed in a parking place, probably with tons of rubbish left behind …..
    It was good for BA training purposes, the red arrows coming around preparing for great shows, and cargo companies using the facilities…..
    How beautiful to see a Antonov or jumbos coming around….. and not forget the pleasure KLM provided with regular flights to the continent…..
    Why not use Manston as cargo hub???? ( relief for Heathrow)
    Please, don’t let Manston die……

  • February 4, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Manston Airport site will be a parking lot until end of 2019 as agreed by the government. Negotiation is on going to bring back Manston as an operational airport and as long as this work is concluded by 2019 then at least there will be ready for leaving the EU at this point Manston will bring a massive boost to Thanet as an airport flying freight all over the world. We must make Thanet FLY again ,SAVE MANSTON AIRPORT.

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