RiverOak Strategic Partners release report on local job creation

RSP have released a statement saying that their plans for Manston Airport will create up to 30,000 jobs in Thanet.

It says –

Even in first year of operation almost 6,000 people will find employment as a result of Manston’s revival.

Under RiverOak Strategic Partners’ plans to reopen Manston Airport, as an air freight hub with passenger services and business aviation, more than 4,200 people would be employed directly at the airport site by its twentieth year of operation, with a further 26,000 jobs created in the wider economy.

The figures have been revealed as the final report in a four volume set, entitled Manston Airport: a regional and national asset, is published, considering the socio-economic impact of reopening the airport.

More details in the attached link.


You can read the report here: https://static.secure.website/wscfus/10240501/5744273/manston-airport-a-national-and-regional-aviation-asset-volume-iv-the-social-and-economic-impacts-of-airport-operations.pdf