RiverOak appoints Suzanne Ornsby QC for Lothian Shelf planning appeal inquiry

Sep 14, 2016 | Media statement

RiverOak Investments has appointed Suzanne Ornsby QC to represent the firm at the forthcoming public inquiry relating to the Lothian Shelf planning appeal, in respect of four separate planning applications which propose a change in the use of four separate buildings at Manston Airport.
The Planning Inspectorate has granted RiverOak Rule 6(6) status which means that, although RiverOak is not party to the appeal, it has the right to give evidence and to be represented during the hearings which take place over four days in November.

Suzanne Ornsby QC is a highly proficient public, planning and environmental lawyer with wide experience of acting for utilities, multinationals, planning authorities, action groups and individuals. She is regularly involved in statutory challenges and judicial reviews as well as promoting or opposing major proposals relating to water and electricity supply, minerals and waste, together with commercial and residential schemes including those affecting the built heritage.

One thought on “RiverOak appoints Suzanne Ornsby QC for Lothian Shelf planning appeal inquiry

  • September 14, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Fingers crossed East Kent needs an airport especially now that we are coming out of the E.U. and trying to get big companies to invest in Britain.

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