Response to the Stone Hill Park Planning Application by Environmental Health

Environmental Health’s submission to the planning application by Stone Hill Park for Manston Airport has been published on the planning site. Obviously a return of Manston to aviation use would have its own impact on this area, but it is interesting to note a few sections from their comments and the impact that this must have on any proposed redevelopment of the site.

“The assessment needs to consider at outline stage whether the substantial impacts and worsening at hot spot locations can be overcome before it can be considered fully. More information on mitigation measures and viability should be included to determine whether impacts on receptors can be prevented, minimised or controlled.”

“The air quality assessment for scenarios 6 indicates that two receptor locations will be significantly impacted by increased traffic and associated emissions of nitrogen dioxide. It also shows a slight worsening at Receptor 16, i.e. The Square, Birchington – a pollution hot spot, where even a small worsening in air quality is a cause for concern.”

“The application site overlies the former Kent International Airport which has former uses as an RAF/MOD/USAF base and commercial airport (with underground fuel storage facilities). Given the history of the site and on-site presence of USTs, there exists the potential for contamination of the ground from leaks or spills of fuel/oil/hydrocarbons alongside the potential presence of ground gas, unknown filled ground, FIDO, UXOs and other materials from WWII activities, ACMs in buildings, and a variety of products used in the running and maintenance of commercial and military airfields, including fire retardants, PCBs, antifreeze and pesticides.

The PRA report considers the risk to Human Health as Medium to High and the risk to Controlled Waters as High in the context of a mixed use development.”

“Please note, occupation of the site shall not be permitted prior to submission of a verification report to the LPA demonstrating completion of works set out in the approved remediation strategy and effectiveness of the remediation undertaken.”

That sounds, as we expected, that there will be an awful lot of work to complete just to detail what measures need to be taken on the contamination of the land before any occupation takes place – let alone actually dealing with it. It sounds like it is going to be an expensive exercise. #savemanston