Representation made to the Stone Hill Park Planning application on behalf of Mr Hilton

A representation made on behalf of Mr Hilton, the owner of the former Manston Court Garage and Worlds Wonder site, adjacent to the planning application area by Stone Hill Park for Manston Airport has been published on the planning site.
It states: “It is noted that the application is in part detailed and in part outline. The applicant of the Stone Hill Park application has served Notice (Certificate B) on the owner of the Former Manston Court Garage and Worlds Wonder site (FMCG & WW site). The Masterplan accompanying the planning application shows the FMCG & WW site as a pedestrian entrance and woodland edge park, as seen in the figure below. It is also noted that it seems that the majority of the FMCG & WW site lies outside of the red line application site.
This letter of representation seeks to inform the Council that clearly any proposals on the FMCG & WW site will not be come forward since the land is not in the ownership of Stone Hill Park. Therefore, the Masterplan is misrepresented and not an accurate representation of the reality of any development which may come forward on the neighbouring Stone Hill Park site.
The planning application should therefore be considered on the basis of the the exclusion of the land ownership of Mr Hilton in the plan...”