Planning Inspector Dismisses Stone Hill Park appeals against the rejection of change of use cases

The decision of the Public Inquiry regarding Lothian Shelf ‘s (718) appeal to allow the re-designation of buildings on Manston Airport has been released with the Inspector, Mr Nunn, dismissing all 4 appeals.

Mr Nunn explains the decision over 52 points and concludes –

“Overall, I conclude that the appeal schemes would conflict with Policy EC4 of the Local Plan, as well as its wider economic development and regeneration objectives.

The proposals would conflict with the Council’s current approach to the location of new development within the airport, which is consistent with national policy.

The benefits of the scheme put forward by the appellants do not justify departure from Policy EC4 of the Local Plan.

Hence I find there are no material considerations of sufficient weight that would warrant a decision Appeal Decisions APP/Z2260/W/15/3140990, 3140992, 3140994 & 314099512 other than in accordance with the development plan.

Accordingly, I conclude that the appeals should be dismissed”

You can read the full decision here: Public Inquiry Decision

Originally, the owners of Manston, Stone Hill Park applied for the change of use of four existing buildings from aviation use only. The Planning Committee of Thanet District Council rejected the original application, but failed to respond in time on the other applications. They did however later resolve that they would have made the same decisions on the other cases.

Stone Hill Park appealed against the rejections, but such was the detail of the matter, the Planning Inspectorate decided that it required a Public Inquiry in March 2017. Thanet District Council withdrew their objections to the original applications.