Planning Application by Stone Hill Park for Manston Airport submitted

The planning application by Stone Hill Park has now gone live.

SuMA will submit a group objection and you are invited to submit your personal objections.

OL/TH/16/0550 | Comprehensive redevelopment of the site involving the demolition of existing buildings and structures and removal of hard standing and associated infrastructure, and provision of mixed use development.

Application submitted in hybrid form (part-outline and part-detailed).
The outline element comprises an outline planning application (with all matters except Access reserved for future determination) for the provision of buildings/floorspace for the following uses; Employment (Use Classes B1a-c/B2/B8), Residential (Use Classes C3/C2), Retail (Use Classes A1-A5), Education and other non-residential institutions (Use Class D1), Sport and Recreation (Use Class D2), Hotel (Use Class C1), Open space/landscaping (including outdoor sport/recreation facilities), Car Parking, Infrastructure (including roads and utilities), Site preparation and other associated works.

The full/detailed element of the application comprises; change of use of retained existing buildings, Development of Phase 1 comprising four industrial units (Use Class B1c/B2/B8) with ancillary car parking and associated infrastructure, Access. | Manston Airport Manston Road Manston RAMSGATE Kent

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The planning reference is OL/TH/16/0550