Planning Appeals to be considered on 17th Feb 2016

In the upcoming Thanet District Council Planning Committee meeting on the 17th February 2016, Lothian Shelf (718) Ltd’s appeals against the delays for the remaining applications will be discussed.

The appeals in question are the additional ones and not currently the appeal against the refusal of consent for alterations to Building 870 which would appear to be being dealt with separately.

The committee are asked to indicate if they would have refused or approved those applications, had no appeals been made. The Officer’s recommendation is to confirm they would have refused applications F/TH/15/0458, F/TH/15/049 and F/TH/15/0460.
You can read the details in the following document link, pages 11-17 (as numbered) and there is a helpful map there as well.

In addition in the same document and meeting, the Richborough Connection DCO will be considered.