Operations Cease, Fight Continues

A third last-minutes bid from Riveroak was rejected by Ann Gloag, minutes before airport operations ceased at 5pm yesterday.

The bid was confirmed to match her asking price, but was turned down citing it was “too late”. MP Sir Roger Gale said “there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why this airport should be closing tonight” “the fact that people have been given notice is not irrevocable – that can be withdrawn.”


Sir Roger urges that it “may not be the end of line” and continues to fight alongside us with MP Laura Sandys. They have requested Ann Gloag to grant another week of negotiations. If Ann Gloag refuses, they will demanded to know why as they believe (as do we) there is no reason it cannot be granted.

About 200 members of the public gathered outside the airport yesterday as events unfolded and the staff left the airport. A tearful show of support for the staff and the airport. The crowds waved flags and banners, and booed as it was revealed the latest offer had been rejected.

This is a sad moment – but not the end of the line – the fight to Save Manston Airport continues.

This all unfolded just hours before the site was used for an emergency landing by EastEnders star Cliff Parisi.