Operation Stack Order on Manston Airport extended another two years

The Special Development Order to secure the runway area of Manston Airport has been extended for a further two years, ending 31st December 2019. This comes after the news that the planned lorry part at Stanford West, near Ashford had been cancelled. The order was originally to cease at the end of 2017.

The area covered is shown by the black outline in the image above; covering the runway hard-standing, entrance on Spitfire Way, exit by the Jentex site and the area around and including the latest control tower as part of the co-ordination area.

The plans remain that Manston will take the pressure of any Operation Stack put in place for lorries making for Dover docks.  If Operation Stack has been implemented and junction 8 (Maidstone services) to junction 11 (Westenhanger) reach capacity, Highways England will use Manston airfield to park Port of Dover freight.

Tourist traffic would continue by the M2/A2 or M20/A20 routes. Freight bound for Dover would divert via the M2 and A299 to Manston. When released they would proceed via the A256 to Dover, including the non-dual carriageway sections of the road.


Details from the original order:

Temporary planning permission
Subject to the following provisions of this Order, planning permission is granted for development consisting of—
(a) use of the land for the stationing of goods vehicles;
(b) the provision on the land of any temporary structures, works, plant or machinery in connection with that use including the provision of facilities for drivers of goods vehicles
stationed on the land; and
(c) use of the air traffic control tower building on the land as a centre for control and coordination of activities on the land.


The limitations are that: the use is for the purposes of Operation Stack only; good vehicles are only to be parked on hard standing areas of the land; any temporary structures are to be sited on hard standing areas only; the land may not be used for the refuelling or unloading of such goods vehicles; and no temporary structure may exceed 3 metres in height.

The conditions are that: the hard standing and drainage systems on the land are to be kept in good repair; a plan identifying the sewers and drainage systems is kept on the land; and any artificial lighting installed is placed no closer than 10 metres from the boundary of the land and is arranged so the light is directed downward to minimise light spill.

You can read the most recent amendment, as laid before Parliament yesterday, here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/1137/pdfs/uksi_20171137_en.pdf