New Leader for Thanet Council Labour Group

Cllr Jenny Matterface has taken over the role as the new leader for Thanet Council’s Labour group, after Iris Johnston has stepped down due to ill health and is awaiting knee surgery.

Given Iris’ comments back at the last full council meeting, as we reported below, it is interesting to note the timing of Labour South’s statement supporting Stone Hill Park on the 6th March. It will also be interesting to see if she follows her group’s support for SHP or continues this tone.

25th Feb 2016 (full council meeting): “Cllr Johnston said that she felt that TDC are doing the right thing in seeking a new investor for the CPO. She highlighted how RiverOak could not prove their suitability. She also reminded the Chamber that the Government favoured the development of Lydd Airport rather than Manston back in May 2014.

Both Cllr Wells and Cllr Johnston noted that if the parent RiverOak company, rather than a newly formed aviation subsidiary, had been involved in the failed CPO attempts then it might have been a different story.”