MOD Secondary Objection to Stone Hill Park Planning Application

The MOD have submitted a secondary document to the planning applications by Stone Hill Park. This concentrates on the effect that the DFTDC (fire training school) could have on residential areas on the site and the vice versa.

It details issues that could cause future residents to complain, and draws attention to the National Planning Policy Framework which details that planning decisions should avoid noise and other adverse quality of life conditions. It suggests the planning application does not show how impact of these issues could be addressed for future residents:

  1. Creation of black smoke by the training school.
  2. Noise caused by sirens from the fire engines.

It notes that the saved policy EC6 of the TDC Adopted Plan (2006) supports fire training on their site and that new housing nearby could give rise to complaints and calls for restrictions on the site which could obviously cause concerns for its future.

It also discusses that the land owned by the MOD is required for the proposed improvement scheme for the “Spitfire roundabout”. It outlines that “Such consent may not be forthcoming, given the MOD’s concerns with the application.”

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