Manston Planning Appeals Hearing CANCELLED

The Case Officer responsible for the planning appeals has notified us that the ‘informal hearing’ this week (set for Wednesday 13th and possibly 14th) has been cancelled.  The matter is deemed “too complex and controversial” and will now revert to a formal inquiry at a date yet to be determined. Details of the email notification are below:

“The Inspector has previously canvassed the principal parties’ views as to the appropriate procedure for these four appeals, and in particular whether the Inquiry procedure was needed. He previously noted that the appeals raise various complex and controversial matters, and that there is a high level of public interest. The principal parties’ views were that an Inquiry was not warranted, and the Inspector agreed to continue with the Hearing procedure, having carefully studied their submissions on this matter.

However, in advance of the Hearing later this week, he has reviewed the matter once again. He is in no doubt that the matters are too complex and controversial to proceed by way of a Hearing. He also considers that the evidence will need to be properly tested through formal questioning by an advocate in order to reach proper conclusions on the matters raised. He notes that the appellant’s team includes legal representatives, including a QC and a solicitor, which bears out the fact that the issues in question are far from straightforward. In addition, various other parties have requested to participate in the event, including the local MP, interest groups, as well as RiverOak, who have also put in detailed submissions in support of their aim to re-open the Airport as an airfreight hub. Taking into account the likely number of participants, and the matters at issue, the Hearing procedure is no longer suitable.

In the light of the above, the Inspector has determined these appeals will proceed by way of an Inquiry. The previously scheduled Hearing, to take place on 13th -14th July 2016, is therefore cancelled.

Once a date for the Inquiry has been agreed with the principal parties, the Local Authority will notify you of the new details.”

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