Manston airport radar to be removed

From today’s Thanet Gazette; “The Manston airport radar is being removed after it was sold to a third party in 2015.

A spokesman for the owners of the closed airport, Stone Hill Park, confirmed a crane has been on site and the radar will be removed.

The airport has been closed since May 2014 and majority shareholders Chris Musgrave and Trevor Cartner want to create a mixed use development of the site.

Stone Hill Park are expected to submit a planning application to Thanet council next month.

American firm RiverOak, twice rejected by Thanet council as an indemnity partner, has submitted a pre-application Development Consent Order (DCO), to bypass Thanet council by taking their case to central government.

However, Thanet council is still seeking an indemnity partner to compulsory-purchase the site.”