Manston – A formal offer

” North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has indicated that this (Sunday) afternoon a formal offer has been made for the purchase of Manston Airfield as a working airport.

Speaking from his constituency Sir Roger has said:

‘In the light of the ongoing concern about the future of Manston and the obvious distress and concern that this is causing to our constituents employed there I have today telephoned the company with whom I met last week and they have confirmed that they have, following discussions with the owner of the airfield, Mrs. Gloag, now submitted a formal offer to purchase the business as a going concern.

This does not, of course, mean that the offer has  been accepted but I hope and expect that common sense  and fairness will now prevail and that, as a result, an agreement will be reached that will enable Manston to remain open and operational  and to realise its’ potential both in the interests of those that Laura Sandys and I represent and also in the national interest.  Clearly any agreement will take still more time to finalise and legalise but given the indication that Mrs. Gloag gave to me personally to the effect that she wished to sell I would hope and expect that any differences between seller and buyer will be resolved.’ ”

We at SMA are very pleased to hear of this offer and sincerely hope proceedings can progress swiftly to see the sale of the airfield as soon as possible – as an ongoing concern.