Manifestos and Statements on Manston from the 2017 General Election Candidates in Thanet

In reference to the upcoming General Election, we have attempted to bring together all the relevant manifesto statements and comments from the candidates. We obviously make no comment on the details below, nor which party or candidate anyone should vote for.

We believe the details below are correct and complete, but are happy to update or correct any statement as required.

Details are in alphabetical order by party.

Christian People Alliance (CPA)


The CPA’s Manifesto states that as well as wanting to – “eliminate internal air travel” their main Transport Policy says –

“With regard to air travel the CPA considers there has to be one large hub airport in the South of England. The CPA considers the ideal solution is to build a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary with six runways and linked to Crossrail and the Tube.

Sufficient initial work has already been done on design and costing by the Thames Estuary Research and Development Company. We will offer shares in the project and a bond to those who wish to lend money, as well as having a significant public share. This project will be integrated with the further regeneration of large parts of East London. When it is built Heathrow will be scaled down or redeveloped for housing.”

Source: Page 13

South Thanet Candidate: PPC Faith Fisher, Christian People Alliance (CPA).

“Housing the homeless is a priority.  We need to look at utilising Manston vs Westwood Cross for a most effective way to provide possible housing possibly units od [sic] reasonable proportion.  Council need to have more homes made available also.” Source: The Isle of Thanet News

North Thanet Candidate: PPC Rev Iris White, Christian People Alliance (CPA).

“The land at Manston I personally feel would create a wonderful ‘Bluewater’ style shopping arena and add to job increase. Looking at Westwood area it would seem wiser because of the extent of housing already being produced there, to move the shopping areas to Manston as mentioned and evolve the space for housing.”  Source: The Isle of Thanet News.



We are investing to reduce travel time and cost, increase capacity and attract investment here in the UK. We will continue our programme of strategic national investments, including High Speed 2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and the expansion of Heathrow Airport – and we will ensure that these great projects do as much as possible to develop the skills and careers of British workers.



South Thanet Candidate: PPC Craig MacKinlay

“I’ll be continuing my fight for an aviation future for Manston and oppose the alternative of mass housing. I always stick to my promises.” Source: Election material.

North Thanet Candidate: PPC Sir Roger Gale

“The re-opening of Manston airport (leading to resumed passenger services) and the creation of a Thanet Parkway station will enhance tourism as will the on-going regeneration of Herne Bay seafront.  Manston airport has the capacity to generate up to 10,000 aviation-related jobs within five years of operation (Sally Dixon Report, May 2017) in sharp contrast to the Cartner/Musgrave/Gloag proposals for housing and unwanted additional industrial capacity.” Source: The Isle of Thanet News.

Green Party


They would ban all airport expansion in the UK meaning no runway at Heathrow, or Gatwick, or Stansted or Manchester – or any other airport. They would “Cancel all airport expansion and end subsidies on airline fuel.” The removal of subsidies for aviation, due to the absence of tax on fuel, could raise £13.8 billion for the Treasury.  



South Thanet Candidate: PPC Trevor Roper

“Mr Roper opposes the reinstatement of Manston Airport for environmental reasons. Instead, he supports the Stone Hill Park development for the creation “of more high quality local jobs and training.” Source: Kent Live News.

North Thanet Candidate: PPC Ed Targett

Whilst not specifically mention Manston in his recent campaign literature, Mr Targett  in the 2015 campaign wrote – “… the Manston CPO saga looks set to run on for longer yet. God knows what this imbroglio will eventually cost. And meanwhile, other opportunities (citing a film studio) are being missed.”  Source:


South Thanet Candidate: PPC Tim Garbutt, Independent.

“Close Manston airport and dig up the runway – with a $1 CPO of no New Town – to clean and refill the East Kent aquifer that is under the runway.” Source:



“Labour recognises the need for additional airport capacity in the South East. We welcome the work done by the Airports Commission, and we will guarantee that any airport expansion adheres to our tests that require noise issues to be addressed, air quality to be protected, the UK’s climate change obligations met and growth across the country supported.”

Test 1: Is there robust and convincing evidence that the required increased aviation capacity will be delivered with Sir Howard Davies’ recommendation?

Test 2: Can the recommended expansion in capacity go hand-in-hand with efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from aviation and allow us to meet our legal climate change obligations?

Test 3: Have Local noise and environmental impacts been adequately considered and will they be managed and minimised?

Test 4: Will the benefits of expansion be felt in every corner of the country, not just the South East of England, and will regional airports be supported too?

Source: Page 94 –


South Thanet Candidate: PPC Raushan Ara

“I am getting lots of questions regarding the future of Manston. Unlike the Conservatives, South Thanet Labour Party do not believe that re-opening the airport in any shape or form is viable. Regarding future development of mixed use until specific proposals are actually on the table I do not feel I can comment but, as a resident as well as the mother of a special needs son, I would insist on a full and open consultation with all parties.” Source: Direct.

“Manston and the Pleasurama sites need to be brought into productive use in a way that will provide employment and regeneration opportunities for local people.” Source: The Isle of Thanet News

North Thanet Candidate: PPC Frances Rehal

“Develop Manston Airport as a passenger and freight hub. Market the airport to increase visitor numbers from other parts of the country, using the Turner Contemporary, Dreamland and other local attractions.

[To tackle unemployment] I would establish a working group which would include all the key agencies, such as the Chamber of Commerce, University of Kent, Kent County Council, East Kent College, Manston Airport, Thanet District Council and also unemployed people in Thanet.” Source: The Isle of Thanet News

Liberal Democrats


Develop a strategic airports policy for the whole of the UK, taking full account of the impacts on climate change and local pollution.

Opposed to any expansion of Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick and any new airport in the Thames Estuary Will focus instead on improving existing regional airports such as Birmingham and Manchester.

Ensure no net increase in runways across the UK.

Source: Page 66 –


South Thanet Candidate: PPC Jordan Williams

“As a local party we continue our support of Manston to return to aviation use. As PPC for South Thanet I fully support all those with the aim to see that happen. It not only brings back a national iconic location but it also promotes the local economy and brings more jobs which are desperately needed in Thanet.” Source: Direct.

North Thanet Candidate: PPC Martyn Pennington

“Liberal Democrats have consistently fought for the reopening of the Airport, not simply as another airport for scheduled passenger and freight services (though scheduled services could use the airport) but as an aviation services hub providing exceptional training and employment opportunities for local people in advanced technologies related to the aviation industry.” Source: Direct.



“Living under a flight path is damaging to health and wellbeing and the expansion of Heathrow airport will make matters worse for many thousands more people. UKIP is dismayed the Conservatives have torn up their 2010 Manifesto pledge not to go ahead with the third runway.

However, there is a clear commercial need for additional airport capacity in the South East and UKIP is delighted a £100 million investment plan to revive aviation at Manston Airport in Kent is now on the table. This would not have been possible without the tireless campaigning of UKIP councillors. An American logistics company has unveiled plans to acquire the 750-acre site, and use it as a base for at least a dozen aircraft. Thanet District Council is hoping to become a partner in a compulsory purchase order for the site.  UKIP will continue to support the expansion of smaller regional airports.”

Source: – Page 51


South Thanet Candidate: PPC Rev. Stuart Piper

“UKIP is continuing with our promise to save the airport. We are currently examining an authentic approach which has been made by investors. RSP seem to have left the scene as far as TDC has been concerned, preferring to deal with one of our former MPs. Our message is one of truth and not false hope. I will continue to support effort being made for a successful outcome if at all possible.” Source: Direct.

North Thanet Candidate: PPC Dr. Clive Egan

“I will do my utmost to further the regeneration of the area, especially helping to get Manston Airport reopened and operational by a suitable company with proven financial resources. London doesn’t just need a new runway; it needs quality airports within reasonable proximity.  Manston already has a suitable runway ready for use and this resource should be utilised. The reopening of Manston would provide a boost to local business, encourage other businesses to move to the area, and significantly add to employment in the area.” Source: The Isle of Thanet News.

3 thoughts on “Manifestos and Statements on Manston from the 2017 General Election Candidates in Thanet

  • June 1, 2017 at 11:50 am

    I await the day when Manston airport becomes an East Kent issue, maybe even a national issue. Having said that, this resume is well reported and now all may know what the PPC’s positions are, and that of their parties. Vote wisely, Thanet!

  • June 1, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Let’s hope that people are voting for the right party then there should have never been a question as to build on the site in the first place it has the longest runway and will be essential for freight transportation I am sorry but I believe it’s a no brainer and a very viable hub for Kent people and Kent business so let’s get it back up and running and okay if houses were built there it will create jobs while being built but not long term whereas surely an airport would create a lot more jobs for the foreseeable future !!!!!!

  • June 5, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    We need an airport in Thanet for jobs and Tourism. Some people who don’t want an airport moved into the area when the airport was running so should not complain about the noise. We do not need more housing as we don’t have the infrastructure to cope with all the influx of new people. Our children can not afford places to live here because the influx of higher paid people has put our prices up for housing so yes bring back our last means of getting jobs in Thanet THE AIRPORT AT MANSTON !!!!!!!!!

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