Mallon’s War of Words

The post below from Brendan Martin captivated our attention, and is a very good description of Mallon’s war of words. It’s a tactics of shiny PR and smoke and mirrors. Let’s not be distracted. Don’t forget to object to the change of use proposals on the Manston Airport site, more information here.


Here is what Ray “Robocop” Mallon says on the Stonewall Park website about the CPO: “A CPO will be extremely costly and will fail.

“Statute is quite clear that in pursuing a CPO in order to establish a viable airport on site, Thanet District Council would have to have the funds to cover not only the legal and compensation costs of obtaining the land but also to provide the finance to support long term the establishment of a viable airport.

“The district council’s own figures put this cost to local taxpayers at £76m and, with no company coming forward to provide suitable indemnity, the council was quite right not to pursue this avenue in the past.”

The thing about that statement is that it is misleading. Thanet District Council has a company underwriting the whole CPO process. They have put that in writing. Robocop knows that but continues to say “with no company coming forward to provide suitable indemnity”. This is a lie and he knows it.
The problem is Robocop is a disgraced ex-police officer who admitted himself that he told lies.

In February 2002 The Observer reported that “more than four years after being suspended from duty, Mallon pleaded guilty to 14 disciplinary charges, admitting that he repeatedly lied, deliberately withheld evidence from senior officers, and turned a blind eye to detectives who took and dealt hard drugs, and supplied them to vulnerable suspects in custody.”

The Guardian reported in 2002 that “Cleveland’s chief constable yesterday broke almost five years of silence over the case of the former detective Ray Mallon, calling him ‘a liar at the centre of an empire of evil’.”

How do we take the word of a man like that? And it is not for him to say whether a CPO will succeed or not. That will be decided by someone else. And nobody knows, at this stage, if it will succeed or fail.

We all have to be very careful with Cartner, Musgrave, Bradley and Mallon. They make statements as if they were matters of fact. All they are are their aspirations for which they have no planning permission yet. But they are dangling goodies such as swimming pools, surfing thingies and a film studio in front to the people of Thanet in an effort to win them over.

Make no mistake, this is a war of words with Cartner, Musgrave et al using the Hitlerian method of “if you say something often enough people will begin to believe it”.

Be wary of disgraced ex-policeman Robocop Mallon, he was brought in to change public opinion. And his way of doing it is by stating things as fact when they are just wishful thinking on the part of his masters.

By the way, let’s all keep count of how many times he says that Manston Airport has had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra. He said to the Gazette in May and repeated on BBC One South East yesterday evening. And, no he didn’t originate the line.
These people are waging a clever word of words in the media. Do not swallow their crap.