Landing the right airport – Mayor of London’s Report

Below is a link to the 78 page Mayor of London’s report, entitled ‘Landing the Right Airport’, which was written in response to the rejection of ‘Boris Island’.

From the report:

Consideration of Alternatives

The Government also announced that an Airports National Policy Statement (NPS) is the planning mechanism to be used for the delivery of new airport capacity. This will be prepared by the Secretary of State for Transport and will need to incorporate a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

To be valid, an SEA must give proper consideration to all credible alternatives. This has not been done to date. As such, it is insufficient for Government merely to consider the three options set out in the Airports Commission Final Report. It is required to go back to the Interim Report – and re-examine several options which were prematurely and unwisely discarded. Failure to do so would leave the Airports NPS vulnerable to legal challenge.”

Surely this still leaves the door open for Manston Airport under new ownership.