Improved Email Subscription System

We are updating our email subscription service which has been in place now for over a year, in order to bring you the breaking news even quicker.

The previous “SpecificFeeds” system will shortly be removed, replaced instead with immediate emails when posts are published on our site, helping you keep up to date with the latest news as it comes out, direct from us.

We have migrated a number of subscribers to the new system, but we are aware there may be others on SpecificFeeds to which we don’t have access to their email addresses.


  1. If you receive a notification from us that isn’t branded “SpecificFeeds”, you have been moved over.
  2. If you only receive a “SpecificFeeds” email then you should either check your spam filter, or you may need to sign up to our new system, here:

If you have any difficulties or issues, or if you no longer wish to be notified in this way, please contact us.

Please remember to pass the details on to anyone you know that wants to keep updated with the campaign and isn’t necessarily on social media.