‘History of Manston Airfield’ sites now available

For more details on the history of Manston, there is now a new website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

They bring together various sources of information connected to events, squadrons, aircraft and personnel that have been involved with Manston over its history. However, due to the vast amount of history, the information will be building up over time.

The Facebook page shows the majority of “On this day” posts, whereas on the website there are a number of longer posts on specific topics, as well as background information, again currently being expanded.

All sites and pages connected to “History of Manston Airfield” are non-political and also intended to support the existing heritage at Manston as well as books, artwork and organisations with links to it.

Website: www.manstonhistory.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/manstonhistory

Twitter: twitter.com/ManstonHistory