Have you completed the Local Plan Consultation?

We have now had confirmation that both letters and emails commenting on the Draft Local Plan to 2031 will be accepted and carry as much weight as filling in the entire consultation online.

Please email local.plans@thanet.gov.uk and ensure your response insists on the following:

  • All 700+ acres of the Manston site to remain for aviation use only.
  • No mixed development or housing, even on the Northern Grassland.
  • No renaming or rezoning of the area as a general opportunity site, or anything else that could jeopardise the airport’s future as an aviation site.

Alternatively, you can send comments to:
Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1XZ

If you would still like to complete the Draft Local Plan consultation online, we’ve written the following ‘plain English’ guide to help simplify the process.You can view the guide here and respond to the consultation on the Thanet District Council website here

More pro-Manston responses are needed – so please don’t hesitate to respond today! If you have any questions please contact us, and please share with all fellow supporters.