Dover Council “does not support” Thanet District Council’s Manston strategy

Dover District Council has spoken out against Thanet District Council’s approach to the local plan and Manston Airport strategy in their response to the Thanet Local Plan consultation. Their full submission can be read here.

“It is extremely disappointing that as a neighbouring Local Planning Authority, Thanet District Council has not entered into a constructive, active dialogue with Officers from Dover District Council…”

“The District Council supports the retention of Manston Airport. Members resolved at Council on 23 July 2014 that ‘this Council supports the campaign to retain Manston as an operational airport, recognising the role and place it can have in the UK aviation industry, making better use of regional capacity in accordance with the views of the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, while making a significant contribution as one of the strategic priorities for regeneration of the East Kent area.’.”

Dover District Council also goes on to say they do not support the approach taken by Thanet District Council with an area action plan. “The future of Manston Airport is fundamental to the Local Plan strategy as it will have direct implications on a number of the strategic policy assumptions that are within the Local Plan… It should be an integral part of the plan as it is a key strategic issue that needs to be discussed with neighbouring LPA’s, KCC and other interested parties under the Duty to Cooperate.”