CPO News Flash!

Parties that made themselves known to Thanet District Council as interested in becoming an indemnity partner should have now submitted their questionnaires. This questionnaire was to gauge the interest, capacity and capability in the market of those interested. The third and final stage of market testing will then involve face to face sessions which are likely to take place in mid-September (we have been told the 12th September, but this is unconfirmed at the moment). 

News Flash

A fresh investor from the ‘super rich’ country of Bahrain has contacted us in the last couple of days and is extremely keen to purchase the airport.  They have started the market testing process (along with several other parties including RiverOak) with Thanet District Council, with leader Cllr Iris Johnston has given them the go ahead to apply. A major selling point was the super fast turnaround of perishable cargo offered by Manston Airport.

Could this party be the new high high-fliers for Manston’s future? Watch this space for more news!


Here is the questionnaire TDC are using to help  evaluate the potential indemnity partners.

Soft Market Questionnaire FINAL – Sept 14