Committee Meeting Minutes (8/8/14)

Minutes of Supporters of Manston Airport meeting
08/08/14 16:00hrs  Rickus Bar, Margate

Dave Holland – Treasurer
Wendy Fraser – Secretary/Liaison
Chris Suart – Admin/ Liaison/Event coordinator
Ruth Bailey – Admin/Event coordinator
Oscar Maynard – IT/Research

Brendan Martin – Press Officer

Committee Structure

a.)    Chairman. Following the removal by majority vote of Keith Churcher as Chairman, the Committee discussed the need for a Chairman. It was decided that as the committee aimed to stay non-hierarchical and democratic, it would be more conducive to the group’s way of working to have ‘Spokesperson’.  Discussion took place re suggestions for potential candidates. It was decided that a formal ‘vetting’ process would be essential.  Dave Holland to contact one recommended candidate.

b.)    Roles and Responsibilities. The Committee decided that Wendy Fraser and Chris Suart would be the main points for liaison (but any of the Committee may liaise in their absence).   Ruth will liaise with the Press.  Brendan Martin to remain Press Officer, Oscar and Dave to retain their current roles.

c.)    Sub-committees? & Members to conscript for help. After brief discussion, it was decided that sub-committees were not needed and would be difficult to manage (from past experience).  I was recognised that there were some very talented members within the group who were willing to offer their help and skills. Individuals were identified and will be contacted for help.

New Facebook page

Discussion about posting on the FB page. Currently if any of the Committee post it gives us a generic title ‘Supporters of Manston Airport’ and members cannot identify which of us is posting or commenting.  It was decided that we should put our own name at the end of a post or comment to identify ourselves.

How to manage the changes

Fighting Fund – The original SMA account has been temporarily frozen.  A new account will be opened for ‘Supporters of Manston Airport’ funds.

Statement – Release an official statement indicating that Keith is no longer Chairman and due process was followed. Email to all contacts.

 The Way Forward

a)    Collating lost data, storage and info – DH

b)    Constitution, changes to be made to accommodate recent developments –DH

c)    Meetings with involved parties – CS and RB to contact them

d)    Media articles – Aim to set up a regular insertion – Brendan Martin

e.)    Future Events – Music for Manston  06/09/14 – RB


Article in IOT Gazette (Friday 8th Aug) – Ann Gloag Q&A – Supporters of Manston invited to respond.  All Committee to contribute. Submissions by Monday morning BM will proof read, set out and submit.  Also, human interest story –  People who have grown up with Manston Airport and want to see it succeed. BM to set up interview, write it up and article to be inserted under Q&A.

Dot Favell sent her resignation from the SMA Committee by Facebook Private Message during the course of the meeting. It was accepted. Dot has not attended any Committee meetings since the Committee was set up. It was recognised that Dot’s research has been invaluable, but she has many other commitments.

Meeting ended at 19.10hrs