Cllr Chris Wells expects rows over both Dreamland and Manston Airport to be “fixed within weeks”

In this weekend’s Kent on Sunday, Cllr Wells said:“Things will start moving quickly, I expect both Dreamland and Manston to be fixed within weeks”.

We await news of the critical viability report from Avia Solutions, due soon, and hope that will show that an airport is viable at Manston, even though we know it will need a significant level of investment.

A report proving viability of aviation once more at Manston will pave the way for Thanet District Council to retain Manston for aviation use in the new Local Plan. That in turn should retain a significant barrier to the change of use planning appeals and the planning application for the mixed-use site by Stone Hill Park, including a considerable level of housing.

Hopefully if the report proves positive for aviation use, the current owners will finally realise they should concentrate on their other development projects, rather than one where they would likely have severe planning difficulties, limited local support and more restricted access to sources of funding.