A city financier will take part in the new Manston airport study

It is really good news that a party with infrastructure expertise and readily promoting infrastructure in this country will be having input into the report to prove Manston airport’s viability. His experience with large investments will certainly add to it as well. We are confident that Edi Truell can see the potential of a re-opened Manston airport and look forward to his contributions.


“A city financier will take part in the £50,000 council-commissioned study into the future of Manston airport.

The study is being carried out by aviation consultants Avia Solutions and is expected to run into September.

The report will be used to inform the council’s Local Plan – a blueprint for houses, development, jobs and infrastructure on the isle up to 2031.

Edi Truell, from London-based Disruptive Capital, will be explaining what infrastructure funds and professional investment appraisal could be available to those who wish to develop, and operate from, the site.

Mr Truell has shown a keen interest in the future of the Manston airport site, following his introduction to the council by the Supporters of Manston Airport group.,

UKIP council leader Chris Wells said: “I have always found Edi to be a reliable and honest source of advice and look forward to reading his thoughts and ideas on Manston’s future.

“I know his help has been available to all with an interest in the site, and his quiet competence and investment contacts are exactly what Thanet needs right now. I trust Avia and Edi have fruitful discussions.”