After a 25 year absence the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment returns to Thanet (at DFTDC Manston)

The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment – The Tigers are returning to Thanet and will be based at the Defence Fire Training and Development Centre (DFTDC) at Manston.

3rd Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment is pleased to announce that after a twenty five year absence, we are returning to Thanet this February.

If you’re interested in being paid to serve in the Army Reserve in your spare time join us on 1 February at DFTDC Manston.

They have an Open Evening at 8pm on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

3rd Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment is a light role infantry battalion, with companies based across the South East of England.

Aged 18-50? With a commitment of as little as 27 days per year you can fit more adventure into your life in the Army Reserve.

An Infantry career places you at the heart of the action. As part of the Army’s front-line team you could get involved in everything from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full-scale war. You won’t do this on your own, though – you’re supported on the battlefield by some of the Army’s best soldiers. You’ll make some great friends in your unit, which generates vital team spirit in combat.

Why join 3 PWRR?

• Travel – Opportunity to train in places like Kenya or California
• Skills – Earn military and civilian qualifications
• Pay – All the training and duties you complete are paid
• Benefits – Joiners financial incentives and the opportunity to earn a tax-free bonus every year
• Fitness – Be trained by the best and become “Army Fit” in no time

Rejoining the Army

If you’ve served as a soldier or officer, your skills, training and experience are invaluable to the Army Reserve. The Army Reserve is working more closely with the Regular Army, and it’s growing in importance and professionalism. As the Army looks towards the future, Regulars and Reserves are becoming a more integrated force, working together at home and overseas.

If you’ve left Regular service in the last six years, you could rejoin as a Reservist and get incentive payments of up to £10,000.

3 PWRR is currently recruiting. If you are interested in joining contact your nearest Army Reserve Centre and arrange a visit. You should be aged between 18 and 43 and physically fit; the Battalion is particularly interested in ex-regular personnel who would like to utilise their skills within the Army Reserve.

Do more, be more, become a TIGER – join 3 PWRR.

For more information on joining HQ Coy 3 PWRR at DFTDC Manston please email us at:


Main image: “Soldier with 1PWRR Firing a GPMG” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Defence Images. Note that 1 Battalion are Armoured Infantry as opposed to 3 Battalion being Army Reserve Light Infantry.